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JBL A6000GTi Balanced Current Sub Amp

Deliver's more power than any other car audio amplifier available
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Sales price: $8000.00


JBL A6000GTi Balanced Current Sub Amp

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The A6000GTi will deliver 50 amperes at 120 volts. Not only will this amplifier deliver more power than any other car audio amplifier available, it will do so with distortion an order of magnitude lower than current Class-D amplifiers, and a damping factor of better than 2000 @ 3 ohms, measured below 100Hz, where circuit damping is critical for driver control. To achieve this incredible amount of high voltage power and control, the A6000GTi employs Crown’s Balanced-Current Amplification.

 If you are after the absolute highest power output with specifications that are simply second to none, then the A6000GTi is the one and only choice.

 More powerful than any other car amp, period - @ 12.5V: 6000W RMS minimum, guaranteed. @ 14.4V: 7500W RMS. The numbers speak for themselves.

 Unprecedented system-building flexibility - Unlike conventional mono subwoofer amplifiers that deliver their maximum power into a single impedance, the A6000GTi is a two-channel amplifier that can be bridged to deliver double the voltage of a single channel into impedances between 2 and 4 ohms. The two channels can also be connected in parallel - that’s right, parallel - to provide double the current of a single channel into impedances below 2 ohms. The A6000GTi will make its maximum power into 4 ohms, into 1 ohm and into virtually anything in between. This feature is patented and unprecedented in car audio amplification. Thanks, Crown.

 Distortion two orders of magnitude lower than many other subwoofer amplifiers - .018% THD. Other subwoofer amplifiers boast 1% THD. The A6000GTi is the first car audio amplifier to use Crown’s Balanced Current Amplification (BCA) circuitry. Until now, all car audio amplifiers have been based on the old timealternating Class B circuit - one device shuts off and another one turns on. Time alternation creates distortion, especially in switching amplifiers. The A6000GTi is the first switching amplifier for car audio that breaks the Class B mold. The positive and negative devices operate simultaneously. No alternation means no zero-crossing distortion. Visit www.crownaudio.com for details.

 More control than any other car amp - With a damping factor greater than 1000, the A6000GTi provides better control of woofer cone motion than any other car amp, for bass that’s tight, clean and clear - a Crown hallmark.

 Of course, all the other features you’d expect in a state-of-the-art subwoofer amplifier - slope-selectable variable low-pass filter, variable phase control, full-range preamp outputs, remote basslevel control, Dynamic Bass Optimization™ (DBO) variable high-pass filter with Variable Q, 0-gauge power and ground connections, current and voltage indicator lights to help you optimize the amp to drive any load, and cool internal lighting.

Direct-Connect - Allows the use of 0-gauge power and ground cable to ensure enough juice is being delivered. No need for adapters or special fittings.

Internal lighting - The A6000GTi’s interior is fully illuminated to show off its massive components and beautiful layout. The lighting is connected by a dedicated power terminal, allowing it to be controlled externally. 

 Indicator control bank - The A6000GTi comes equipped with a sophisticated indicatory bank which can be used as an effective tool when setting up the amplifier as well as monitoring it during operation. Maximum peak power is nearly 17hp (“hp” stands for “horsepower”).

 Stable for 1 Ohm operation - provides effortless control and safe operation of multiple-woofer-systems.

 12 / 24dB per Octave selectable low pass filter (adjustable 32Hz-320Hz) - for pecise frequency adjustment to suit many different system requirements.

 Variable input sensitivity - gives maximum flexibility for connection of head units.

 Effective protection circuitry - protects against short circuit, overheating and over-/under voltage.

  Type of Amplification BCA
  Reference Frequency 100Hz
  4 Ohm 2 X 1500W @ .05% THD+N
  2 Ohm 2 X 3000W @ .05% THD+N
  Bridge 4 Ohm 6000W @ .09% THD+N
  Parallel Bridge 1 Ohm 6000W @ .1%THD+N
  Frequency Response 20-400Hz +0 -1dB, at 1 watt and rated power
  Input Sensitivity 250mv - 9 volts
  Damping Factor >1000
  Noise Measurement
  Signal to Noise >100dB A Weighted ref. to full power
  Operating Voltage 10-16vdc
  Nothing will drop out of regulation with in these voltage limits
  Amplifier Output N/A
  Control Switch(s)
  Crossover Variable 32-320
  Slopes Sel 12/24
  Auxiliary Output 1 Pair (buffered)
  Input Mode Switch 1 (bridge)
  Remote Level Control Yes

Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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