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Wireless GPS Pet Tracker
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Mongoose GPS Pet Tracker

Wireless GPS Pet Tracker
Sales price: $199.00
Sales price: $199.00




Pet GPS Tracker


Locate, monitor & track your dog with this easy to use GPS tracker.

The PT800 is small and light, just 40grams........your pet wont know it's there. Supplied with a tough adjustable dog collar with pinch clip clasp and lead ring.



Know almost immediately if your pet leaves home (or arrives) with a text alert to your mobile phone


Use the mobile APP to see the current or last reported location, track where it's going or replay history of travel.
* SIM card charges apply

Easy to use - just download the free mobile APP to see where your dog is right now - all on your mobile phone !
Only $199.00 + Vodafone SIM card (not compatible with Spark or 2 Dregrees)


  • Free mobile APP
  • Free website
  • See current 'live' location on your smartphone or PC
  • Playback history of travel - any day up to 6 months ago
  • Geo-fence alert - (invisible boundary): get a warning text if your pet moves beyond the boundary. (Min' radius 100m)
  • Speed alert - Move alert
  • Rechargeable battery - typically 2~3 days use (depends on activity)
  • Low battery alert - sends a text when it needs recharging
  • Controlled by the APP or texts messages
  • Unlimited range via the worldwide mobile network
  • Mobile data for really low cost operation
  • Power saver function (sleep) - auto-wake up with internal movement sensor
  • Password protected
  • White finish
  • Size: 70x37x20mm - 40g
  • Supplied with mains/USB charger - 100/240v~5v
  • Supplied with black adjustable dog collar
  • Water resistant to IP65 (Rain/splash proof - do not submerge)
  • Status LED's
  • 2 year product warranty

Updates to the mobile APP may change features (added or deleted) without notice.

The APP is designed for smart mobile phones with internet capability.

This product requires a Vodafone SIM card (do not use 2 Degrees or Spark)

NOTE: GPS tracking equipment only operate outdoors. False readings will occur if the tracker is indoors as it cannot receive satellite signals.

Please note: The free access of the APP and website is provided for Mongoose GPS customers only.
The APP and website are used by many GPS companies worldwide and features and functions may change without notice. Mongoose accepts no responsibility and has no control of how the APP or website operate.

Some features in the APP may not be appicable to this model.

The APP and website are self managed. Mongoose can provide initial support if required.


** Due to continue product improvements, specifications and design are subject to change without notice


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