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Alpine RF REmote

The superb audio performance and outstanding durability of Alpine's new Marine product line
Sales price: $249.99
Sales price: $249.99




RF Remote Control For Marine Applications

The superb audio performance and outstanding durability of Alpine's new Marine product line is based on over 30 years experience in the car audio industry. Alpine's wireless RUE-M1RF remote control is a great additional gadget to control an Alpine Marine System anywhere on the boat up to 30 meters away!

RUE-M1RF – The Handy Controller Alpine makes musical operation on the water convenient with this small and handy wireless remote control.
The RUE-M1RF is a user friendly RF (Radio Frequency) remote control to access the Marine system from anywhere up to 30 meters away from the boat. By using 433 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) technology the wireless transmission remains stable even over long distances. In addition, the RF remote system avoids the problem of sun reflections that interfere with an infrared remote signal direct sunlight conditions.

It is compatible with all Alpine's Marine System head units. The RUE-M1RF wireless remote control is also fully water resistant. Marine – Ready The RUE-M1RF is perfectly applicable for marine use. Its water resistance is rated NEMA IPx67 which means it can even resist a powerful jet of water. Due to its ATSM B117 and ATSM G154/D4329 certification it can also withstand Salt/Fog and UV impact. Overview

  • Compatible with all Alpine Marine Head Units
  • Water-resistant
  • RF remote works up to 30 metres away from the unit
  • Up to 8 of these remotes can be programmed to work with the RUE-M1RF
  • Multiple controllers can be used together in one system
  • IPx67
  • Salt/Fog (ASTM B117) Certified
  • UV (ASTM G154/D4329) Certified

** Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice

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