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"NEW" CD Receiver with Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and USB/AUX Input
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AVS 3010+ Alarm System

The AVS 3010+ is our most popular entry level alarm system.
Sales price: $149.00
Sales price: $149.00


AVS 3010+ Alarm System

The AVS 3010 range offers the reliability and functionality of an AVS system at affordable prices. They are ideal if you want an easy to use system with good security features at an affordable price.

All three models are easy to use and include the fantastic AVS waterproof remotes so you can lock/unlock the vehicle while you arm/disarm the system. Choose from the feature packed AVS 3010+ alarm to the keyless entry system only.

A word of advice if you are shopping for a basic car alarm - we recommend choosing an alarm from a reputable, known brand (like AVS). If you buy a cheapie alarm online and get your mate to install it what will happen when you are at the opposite end of the country and the car won't start? All of the big brand names in NZ offer good, affordable alarm models that are supported by a nationwide installer network and warranty process.

The AVS 3010+ is our most popular entry level alarm system.

The alarm not only all the standard alarm features but also a few more not usually found at this sharp price point. This includes the battery back-up siren that will keep sounding even if power is cut to it, a dual stage shock sensor and door, bonnet and boot protection and dual immobilisation.

The AVS 3010+ also includes two waterproof remotes. The remotes on entry level systems are often one of the first things that break because they are designed for price not quality. These waterproof remotes have the same reliability and build quality as on our top models. The buttons are clearly marked and easy to push.



AVS TX4-04-3010-x-2-lean-LED      3010-1024-480x397

Two waterproof AVS rolling code remotes

Use the popular waterproof AVS remotes to arm/disarm your alarm and lock/unlock the doors. Because remotes get the most wear and tear of any part of the alarm choosing a system with robust, reliable, and in this case waterproof remotes, makes a big difference to how well the system functions. Plus only with AVS do you get a 3-year warranty on your remotes.

Central locking

The alarm can lock/unlock the doors when the alarm is armed/disarmed for easy keyless entry.


The AVS 3010+ alarm includes two immobiliser circuits. Starter motor and ignition system or fuel pump immobiliser cuts are made so the car cannot be started unless it is disarmed via the remote.

Intrusion Alerts

Dual stage shock sensor

The shock sensor helps protect the body and cabin of the car by giving a warning on a light impact and a full alarm on a heavy impact to the vehicle.

Door, bonnet and boot protection

A good standard alarm installation will include protection for the doors, bonnet or boot. If any of these are opened while the alarm is armed the alarm will trigger.

If you choose a budget installation please check with your installer that these important features are included (the bonnet is an important inclusion because many thieves will initially pop the bonnet to see if the alarm triggers and / or to cut the siren wires).

Battery back-up siren

The siren has its own power supply so it will continue to sound if power is cut to it. The siren will sound for 30 seconds if any of above intrusions are detected.

Other Features

  • The original hyper blue LED warning light
  • Three year product warranty including the remotes
  • Compatible with many AVS accessories and sensors
  • Many programmable options


    * Pricing excludes installation

  ** Some cars require extra parts and installation charges not all features maybe available on all vehicles.
       Text notifictions included under a fair use policy.

*** Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


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