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AVS Glass Break Sensor

AVS Glass Break Sensor
Sales price: $39.00
Sales price: $39.00


AVS Glass Break Sensor

A glass break sensor is designed to detect the sound frequency of breaking glass, such as a car window being smashed. If it detects this sound frequency it will trigger the alarm.

This sensor is one of the most common and popular ways of helping to protect the cabin of the vehicle.

AVS offers two kinds of glass break sensor:

Intelligent glass break sensor

This sensor comes standard with the AVS S5 Five Star car alarm and the AVS A5 Five Star car alarm. It can also be added to the AVS S4 Four Star car alarm.

Not only does it detect the sound frequency of breaking glass it also needs to detect an impact to the vehicle in order to trigger. This reduces false alarms from other similar sounds (such as a rubbish truck driving by with glass bottles inside or someone putting out their recycling bin).

Standard glass break sensor

This sensor can be added as an optional upgrade to any AVS car alarm.



Click Here You Tube How the AVS Glass Break Sensor Works


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