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The road can also be an unpredictable place where incidents can happen at any time.

Mongoose GPS Tracker

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The Mongoose VT900 GPS vehicle tracker – for your  car, van, ute, truck, motorbike, quad,  jet-ski or in    fact anything that moves and has power!


Apart from vehicle theft, a GPS tracker also allows    you to monitor and record vehicle movement whether this is for fleet/business purposes or family  reasons. The VT900 is so versatile as it covers all      GPS requirements.


Tracking The VT900 allows you to find, monitor, track, re-play travel history, control the tracker – all from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. No need to send a text    message to find your vehicles location – just open the app and click “real time” or select ‘history’ to see where your vehicle was yesterday, or any day up to six months ago, and what route was driven at what speed.  


Includes the powerful mobile APP and website – both FREE to use – 




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